Why did you create Stealth Rating?

Our focus is on college and career readiness with a collective mission to provide student-athletes with the information, tools, and exposure to successfully play at the next level while earning a college degree. We set our sights on creating a Rating System that would #1 be totally ‘objective’ and #2 A way that would include the student-athletes that will never play at the D1 level (the 99%) but do have the character, academics and work ethic to play at the D1AA, D2, D3 & NAIA level.


What does the Stealth Rating measure? 

It ‘objectively’ measures a student-athletes Character, Academics, Work Ethic, Game Readiness and Physical Attributes.


What does the Stealth Rating use to compile this data?

We use data that has been collected and entered into a patent pending mathematical algorithm that generates a rating based on a 1-5 Star system, 5 being the highest. The data that we use in our algorithm comes from the Department of Education (Grades/Test Scores), NCAA (Physical Attributes), NAIA (Physical Attributes) and the NFHS (Game Readiness). You the coach answer ‘binary’ questions that are used in our formula to provide the Character and Work Ethic portion of the rating.


Will the Student Athletes Grades and Test Scores be visible to anyone coming on the site?

No, this data is password protected and can only be viewed by the High School Head Coach, the only thing that can be seen by anyone coming on the site (including the College Coaches Dashboard) is the Player’s Profile which does NOT include grades and/or test scores.


Where did the Stealth Rating questions come from?

We took a year and surveyed college coaches from around the country and asked them, ‘what questions do you ask a high school coach during the recruiting process?’ So ALL of the survey questions actually come from college coaches and you will be very familiar with them because they are the same questions that they ask you about one of your potential recruits.


What if I have a student-athlete that has character issues that we are currently working on?

We totally understand that some student athletes make bad decisions that would not be repeated if they understood the consequences of their actions. The intent of The Rating is not to jeopardize their chances of receiving an athletic scholarship. We have added a feature to the survey, when completed, that can allow for the rating to be ‘public’ or ‘private’.


What will you do with the survey data?

If you’ve received a survey from us we’re going to use this information to create a compelling article that will be published on both the playing the recruiting game website as well as the high school football daily website.  Additionally, we will then create a short feature that will be broadcast on one of our weekly high school sports shows on HSPN Sports.


Will this information be sold?

No, this data will never be sold, it will only be used to create the articles.  Should you decide to complete a full Stealth Rating for your student-athletes, then with your permission, the information will be shared with college coaches around the country and that college coach will then be able to contact the student-athlete directly.


How many college coaches will you work articles reach?

Our database includes 894 college coaches across the country.  These coaches are at all levels of the game including D1 all the way to JUCO.  However, our focus is on those colleges that are at the D1AA, D2, D3, and NAIA levels.


Is this a Recruiting Service or a Scouting Service?

No, this is strictly an Assessment that Rates and Ranks student athletes from high schools across the nation.